Like other addictive behaviors, gambling is often considered a precipitating factor in a variety of health problems.  Several studies have documented the relationship between problem gambling and specific health issues.

Mental Health:  Several studies placed problem gamblers at increased risk for dysthymia, major depression and anti-social personalityh disorder, phobias, and other mental conditions. problem gamblers were also identified as being at increased risk for alcohol, nicotime and other drug abuse.

Cardiac Arrest:  Studies have generally placed problem gamblers at increased risk for cardiac arrest due to sustained stress and hypertension.

Stress Related Diagnoses:  Problem gamblers report higher levels of stress-related physical problems than average. Conditions may include: migraine headaches, tension headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, peptic ulcer and insomnia.

Within the general population, about 3% of adults manifect a gambling problem.  However, the prevalence of problems gambling amoung persons entering a primary care setting appears to be closer to 10%. Of the thousands of problem gamlers that receive a medical intervention every year, less than 5% of them are ever diagnosed with a gambling disorder.

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