May 2015, Montana Council on Problem Gambling held their Spring Conference in Great Falls, Montana.

Denise Quirk, CEO & Director, Reno Problem Gambling and Maureen Greeley, Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling& President, National Council on Problem Gambling presented "State of the Gambling Nation" -Addressing Internet Gambling; Social Gaming; Responsible Gaming Standards, DSM-5; ACA; Funding & Regulations at the State & Federal Levels. "Making the Transition from DSM-IV to DSM-5." "The Process of Process Addictions" - addressing how are process addictions similar to and different from substance addictions? Where do they intersect, coincide, or present as co-occurring disorders? "Gambling Patient Placement Criteria (GPPC), ASAM Criteria and Levels of Care" and "Everything you wanted to know about Problem Gambling Counselor Certification."

May 2014, Montana Council on Problem Gambling held their Spring Conference in Great Falls, Montana.

Lori Rugle, PhD, NCGCII presented "Beyond Don't Ask, Don't Tell" - Addressing the impact of gambling & problem gambling on recovery, health and well-being. This training focused on effective techniques for integrating problem gambling on recovery into a broad range of behavioral health, substance use and primary care settings.

Roger Curtiss,NCACII, LAC presented The Recovery Process "It's All About the Journey". This training outlined the process involved in recovery and what it takes to get there.

 October 2013, Montana Council on Problem Gambling partnered with the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselors (NAADAC) in Great Falls, Montana for our Fall Conference. We had two national presenters that provided a great educational experience for all. 

Dr. Michael Waldo presented "Group Counseling for Problem Gambling". This training explored therapeutic factors in groups,ethical group leadership, leader communication, therapeutic factors and prepared you for group interventions, group dynamics and leadership, group formats, practicing group formats, and evaluating problem gambling groups.

Janet Miller, MS, LAC, CCGC, CCDP-D, AADC presented "Gambling Disorder Specialist Training". This training focused on the DSM 5 definition for the gambling disorder, how to screen for the disorder, completing an assessment inclusive of a gambling disorder, reviewing prevalence data for adults and adolescents, and reviewing the use of gambling specific resources. 

 June 2013, Montana Council on Problem Gambling partnered with the National Association of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselors (NAADAC) in beautiful Big Sky Montana for our Spring Conference. This was a wonderful experience and great exposure for the MTCPG! 

October 2012, Montana Council on Problem Gambling held there Fall Conference in Billings, Montana.

Joanna Franklin, MS, ICAC II, NCGC II, presented Problem Gambling and the Brain: Biogenetics and Neurobiology of Problem Gamblers: What the results of research tell us about structure, process, psychopharmacology and treatment of Problem Gambling. This training educated participants to offer client education on biogenetics and neurological differences among some problem gamblers. Joanna also presented Ethics and Problem Gambling Practice - Ethical Practical Practice Today: Where the letter and spirit of the law meet. Participants were able to discuss differences in ethical application of principals re: boundaries considering realities of rural and frontier settings as per recommendations from the ACA.